Bilateral Italy – Slovenia 21 September: Isola, Slovenia

A bilateral meeting between Slovenia and Italy discussing their national concerns in the Northern Adriatic Area will take place on the 21st of September in Isola, Slovenia back to back with the EUSAIR TSG 3. The topics that will be addressed in the event include: 1- relevance of tourism and maritime transport in the area within the Slovenian and Italian MSP processes and in relation to MSFD implementation. 2- evidence-based concerns about interactions among maritime uses (e.g. tourism, maritime transport, and other relevant uses in the area) and between maritime uses and environmental protection in the area. 3- Analytical tools to support impact and conflict analysis in MSP. 4- Possible common initiatives fostering the coexistence between tourism, maritime traffic and marine ecosystems and biodiversity protection in the area.


Download the brief about the event and agenda here. 

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