Month: November 2022

Release of D53

Hello Users! D53 Final review of communication practices is now available in the results page. Go and access this ravishing square format volume offering a review of studies and outcomes in WP 5 Communication and Dissemination.

Release of D40

Hello Users! D40 Report on selected areas: a) Activities between Spain, Morocco and Algeria; b) Pan-Western Mediterranean Workshop; c) Pan-Eastern Mediterranean Workshop can be accessed in the results section. It offers the results of activities carried out with EU and non-EU States in the Mediterranean basin.

Release of D39

Hello Users! D39 Report on selected areas: a) Gulf of Lion; b)Tyrrhenian Sea; c) Northern Ionian Sea; d) Northern Adriatic Sea; e) Ionian Sea and the Central Mediterranean Sea can be read in the results section. A huge body of work to address several issues of common concern at transboundary level.