Development vision, objectives and concept for Koper Bay

The workshop took place on February 26, 2021 aimed at defining the coastal area between Koper and Izola to serve as the basis for the preparation of the Regional Spatial Plan (RSP) of the area. The workshop has been done with the cooperation of stakeholders where programme elements, vision, goals for the Bay, and other specific concepts for the coastal area have been discussed. The report describes the structure of the event while recapitulating the shared contents, the elements of discussion and foreseen strategies.

Development vision, objectives and concept for Koper Bay

The report of the first workshop carried out by RRC Koper, the event was held with the purpose of preparing the vision, goals and concepts of spatial development along the Bay of Koper. This was done a using participatory method, that will guide the preparation of spatial planning acts in municipalities (including the Regional Spatial Plan RSP) and the selection and preparation of projects related to coastal-marine management in the programming period 2021-2027. 

The first leaflet of the project describes its nuts and bolts in an accessible way, providing information about its structure and expected results. It will be distributed in a printed version during events and meetings.

“Ecosystem-Based Maritime Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean”

The outcomes of the February Technical Workshop among project partners on Ecosystem Based MSP in the Mediterranean Basin are collected in this comprehensive report. The event was divided into a plenary session with case studies presented by international experts from UNEP-MAP, WWF Med, FAO-GFCM, ETC-UMA and was followed by three parallel sessions dealing with EBA in the analysis phase, design phase and implementation of adaptive EB in MSP.

The Communication Plan (CP) presents an overview of the actions planned and carried out in communicating the project, it is reviewed every six months to verify that the initiatives are effective (e.g. social media strategies). In this release the social media campaigns, newsletters and other media outreaches that took place until February 2021 are listed and described.

“LSI analysis for MSP”

This report collects the results of the workshop on LSI analysis approaches, LSI is generally interpreted as the set of processes linking terrestrial and marine areas and MSPMED partners could share national procedures and explore different features of LSI while setting the ground for further cross-border consultations on the topic.

“Governance scheme at National and sub-national levels for Spatial Planning in relation to MSP in Greece”

“Governance scheme at National and sub-national levels for Spatial Planning in relation to MSP in Greece” gives a useful insight in the Greek approach at MSP. The writing, crafted by The Ministry of the Environment & Energy with the support of the University of Thessaly offers a detailed overview of projects and protocols followed to develop MSP on the Greek shores and waters.

1st Technical workshop “Governance and administrative frameworks on implementation”

In may 2020 the first technical workshop took place, it addressed the Governance topic with a focus on  Planning frameworks, Governance frameworks and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of each country. This report is a useful insight on purposes and results of the workshop. A nice plus, it comes with visual minutes that aim at explaining in an accessible way such complex topics.

The Communication Plan offers an useful overview of the project and on communication activities planned within MSPMED. The document describes the different typologies of communication foreseen in the project, the tools, target audience, communication objectives, the visual identity and, in general, the work structure. Also a user manual for the project’s logotype and guidelines for social media communication have been included in the CP.