Month: May 2022


Hello users! D50 is out! A very interesting deliverable coordinated by IEO CSIC to offer an overview of MSP plans in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Malta, Slovenia and Spain. Compared via factsheet and a useful table, advancement of plans is presented in a clear and effective way.


Hello users! D37 Report about the Cross border workshop on MSP and maritime surveillance between Italy, Monaco, and France is out! To read more about the RAMOGEPOL Plan area and the cross-border workshop, make sure to go to the results page and download D37.


Hello users! The D8 report is out! Read all about the knowledge about interactions between Mediterranean ecosystems and maritime uses, with a specific focus on wind farm development in the Gulf of Lion area on

D7 – Gulf of Lion

Hello Users! The report of D7 titled Gulf of Lion– France and Spain: Planning the offshore Gulf of Lions in regards with ecosystems is out! It discusses about the knowledge synthesis and ecological stakes related to seabirds, marine mammals, sea turtles and canyon deep habitats. Check it out on