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Final Publication

A common planning framework in the Mediterranean Sea,Outcomes of the MSP-MED project is out now. We are proud to share with you an overview of this complex project, we hope it will  inform future actions in the basin to make our beloved Mediterranean better managed, more sustainable and united.

Release of D53

Hello Users! D53 Final review of communication practices is now available in the results page. Go and access this ravishing square format volume offering a review of studies and outcomes in WP 5 Communication and Dissemination.

Release of D40

Hello Users! D40 Report on selected areas: a) Activities between Spain, Morocco and Algeria; b) Pan-Western Mediterranean Workshop; c) Pan-Eastern Mediterranean Workshop can be accessed in the results section. It offers the results of activities carried out with EU and non-EU States in the Mediterranean basin.

Release of D39

Hello Users! D39 Report on selected areas: a) Gulf of Lion; b)Tyrrhenian Sea; c) Northern Ionian Sea; d) Northern Adriatic Sea; e) Ionian Sea and the Central Mediterranean Sea can be read in the results section. A huge body of work to address several issues of common concern at transboundary level.