Report D6 Italy

Hello Users! Report D6 Italy: System of Indicators to Monitor Plan Implementation and Performance is ready. For the Italian Maritime Plan, the scientific pole IUAV, CNR and CORILA have performed a set of tasks including the monitoring program and evaluation of the plan. This deliverable describes the institutional background and design of the monitoring strategy, …

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Hello Users! D9 is here! Underwater noise studies in the Gulf of Lions region – Anthropogenic contributions to underwater noise due to maritime traffic and offshore wind farm operation. Make sure to download D9 in the results page and read about the cross-border area between France and Spain that extends from Cap de Creus in Spain …

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D45 Release

Hello Users! The Intermediate Report of the MSPMED Project is out! Check out the general progress of the project and what the partners have been up to in the period of September 01 2021 till February 28 2022

D47 Release

Hello users! The D47 has just been released! As part of the European Maritime Day (EMD) event, the MSPMED project, coordinated by CORILA with the support of CNR-ISMAR and IUAV, organized a #EMDInMyCountry webinar on the 2nd of May 2022 to present the maritime spatial planning process currently underway. You can now check out the …

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Hello users, a new deliverable is out: D38 is a study performed by partner Shom to produce a dataset of French data relevant from a cross-border perspective for the Mediterranean area. It details the data identified as of interest at a transnational level for both maritime safety and surveillance and maritime spatial planning. You can …

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Pan-Eastern Mediterranean Conference on Sea-landscape

The University Iuav  of Venice, CORILA and CNR-ISMAR, in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Energy and Environment, the Ministry of Culture of Greece, and the University of Thessali (GR), have convened the first conference dedicated to the consideration of landscape and cultural heritage in maritime spatial planning, which will take …

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Hello users! D50 is out! A very interesting deliverable coordinated by IEO CSIC to offer an overview of MSP plans in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Malta, Slovenia and Spain. Compared via factsheet and a useful table, advancement of plans is presented in a clear and effective way.


Hello users! D37 Report about the Cross border workshop on MSP and maritime surveillance between Italy, Monaco, and France is out! To read more about the RAMOGEPOL Plan area and the cross-border workshop, make sure to go to the results page and download D37.