Pan-Eastern Mediterranean Conference on Sea-landscape

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The University Iuav  of Venice, CORILA and CNR-ISMAR, in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Energy and Environment, the Ministry of Culture of Greece, and the University of Thessali (GR), have convened the first conference dedicated to the consideration of landscape and cultural heritage in maritime spatial planning, which will take place at the Italian Archaeological School in Athens on 20 June.

The increased and different uses of marine spaces, unthinkable only a few decades ago, call for an appropriate cultural reflection and perhaps a different definition of the term ‘seascape’. The event is part of the European MSPMED project, coordinated by the three Venetian organisations, which aims to promote coherent maritime spatial planning in the Mediterranean Sea.

The conference will be opened by the Italian Ambassador to Greece and Italian, Greek, Croatian and Cypriot knowledge and experience will be shared together with those of non-EU countries from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. Experts from ministries and institutions from Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel will participate.

The Council of Europe will participate with the executive secretary of the Landscape Convention and representatives from UNESCO-IOC, UNEP and the European Commission-DG MARE will speak.

The event will be streamed live from 8.30 a.m. Italian time on the Youtube channel:





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