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Hello Users! The Intermediate Report of the MSPMED Project is out! Check out the general progress of the project and what the partners have been up to in the period of September 01 2021 till February 28 2022



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🗓#SavetheDate "Coherence of MSP data & information": @eMSPproject Community of Practice on #MaritimeSpatialPlanning data sharing, information & communication will host its 2nd workshop on September 1st |9am to 11:30am CET|.
👇Learn more & register https://maritime-spatial-planning.ec.europa.eu/events/community-practice-cop-data-sharing-information-and-communication-technology-serving

Ferragosto is a public holiday celebrated on 15 August in all of Italy. It originates from Feriae Augusti, the festival of emperor Augustus, who made the 1st of August a day of rest after weeks of hard work on the agricultural sector.

Buon Ferragosto a tutti! 🇮🇹

The report on underwater noise studies in the Gulf of Lions region - Anthropogenic contributions to underwater noise due to maritime traffic and offshore wind farm operation is ready! Make sure to go to the results here: http://mspmed.eu/results/

The final conference of the MSPMED Project will take place on the 13th and 14th of October 2022 and will be held at National Research Council CNR in Rome! Save the date and stay tuned to know will be the speakers, and institutional guests in this final closing ceremony!

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