Workshop on Particularly Sensitive Areas for cetaceans

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Hello Users, a workshop on Cooperation for a transboundary PSSA in the Mediterranean Sea is taking place 18-19 October 2021, in Paris, in an hybrid format. The objectives of the technical cooperation workshop are to enhance technical exchanges among stakeholders at local, national and regional levels, as well as international and socioeconomic organizations and experts. The outcomes of the workshop will provide technical and scientific inputs into the application to be submitted to the IMO for a future Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSA) in the North-Western Mediterranean Sea. Thus, the works aim at deepening common understanding and options for designing, and discussing the ‘associated protected measures’ in order to prevent and reduce collisions between large whales and ships. It is organised by the French ministry of environment, involving Spanish, Italian and Monaco administration and stakeholders. MSPMED’s partner OFB is supporting the organization of the event. Registrations are open until Wednesday 13 October at: 



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